The Organization

Rainbow Tribe represents Boston’s rich dance culture by sustaining multi-faceted companies for new and experienced dancers, showing a variety of original works in many styles, and sharing the joy of dance with a broad range of audiences.

Founded in 1992 by Carleton T. Jones, Rainbow Tribe, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Massachusetts non-profit corporation.

In addition to performing in our own concerts, our members appear frequently at events for the American Cancer Society, AIDS Action Committee, and Project Bread, and other charitable groups, and run after-school programs such as D.A.R.E.® Dance.


Rainbow Tribe, Inc. currently includes three distinct dance groups:

  • Tribe, The Dance Company — Powerful Performances. Passionate People. Mission: To bridge cultural differences, and foster a universal appreciation for dance in all its forms. Tribe, The Dance Company is a group of tightly woven, unique individuals who contribute different talents, styles and abilities. Tribe’s performances range from African to modern jazz and from swing to hip-hop and breakin’. We strive to develop new choreographers and to reflect popular dance forms. We perform in both artistic and informal arenas that draw from a variety of traditions. This, coupled with our diversity, hard work and commitment to a cause, affords us the opportunity to embrace and include our audience, celebrate our community’s richness, and positively affect at-risk, under-served and differently-abled children and adults.
  • Bside — Bboys. Beats. Boogaloo. Mission: To combine athleticism with art, and to inspire youth to do the same. Men of diverse talents and street dance backgrounds (and some technical too) who “flip” the tired hip-hop trends with their athleticism and power to produce kickass performances that leave audiences on their feet.
  • Embrace — Feel It. Live It. Own It. Mission: To challenge stereotypes by embracing our true identities, lifestyles and owning our individual power. Women of diverse talents and technical jazz and modern dance backgrounds whose individualism and empowering message unites and ignites a wide range of audiences.