What the press has to say about Rainbow Tribe:

“Straight-out, driving, kick-ass jazz.”

–Jeremy Alliger, Artistic Director, Dance Umbrella

“…one of the hottest attractions on the First Night Roster.”

–Vicki Sanders, Sidewalk Boston

“A jolt of in-your-face jazz.  Their youthful exuberance. . .is backed up with impressive stylistic solidity, technical facility, and polish."

–Karen Campbell, Boston Herald 

“They have perfected the art of sensuality and funk without losing jazz techniques.”  

–Aimee E. Bartol, BU Daily Free Press

“Fast, unpretentious, and so well-rehearsed that the assorted body types and backgrounds of the dancers merge as one pleasing ensemble.”

–Marcia B. Siegel, Boston Phoenix

“Tribe’s unison movement was tight, taut, and exact, bursting with energy.”  

–Diane C. Grant, Boston Globe

“Explosive high energy dancing shoots across the stage like lightning, one bolt of dancers after another.  Yet amazingly, each dancer also presents an individual.”  

–Kay Bourne, Bay State Banner

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